Meditate for more relaxation
in your life and limbs.

Meditate for more relaxation in your life and limbs.

By training your mind and taking time to realize what is happening inside you, you will see and experience the world around you differently. A must when you are looking for more peace in your life.

Who am I and what do I really want?

With meditation, attention is focused on who you are and not on what you have (achieved). Often the emphasis in our society is on the outside and what we have. Mostly we identify ourselves with it. What you have is not who you are and what you think is not who you are either. Your job, your social status, your body, your mind, your possibilities and your impossibilities come together under the heading: I. But this is only what you perceive. With meditation you go to research: who am I and what do I really want?

“The key to finding what you want, is knowing what you want.”

Let go and relax

To maintain our deep-rooted anchors, 'because that's how I am', tensions arise and your body stiffens. By simply being aware of the here and now, you feel what works for you and what doesn’t. You can let go what doesn’t work, even if it is scary. After all, the anchors you identify with belong to you for a long time and you need courage to say goodbye. Through meditation you become more aware and feel that it is not about performing and about being able to do more, but about letting go and relaxing. You are a human-being not a human-doing.

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