Coaching? What is this?


Sometimes life just gives you shit instead of lemons, so no lemonade for you. It happens. It can be more subtle, you notice that you have less energy, you feel unhappy, undefined, and you do not have the urge to get out of your bed. You are not comfortable with yourself. Then it is nice to be able to talk to a neutral person who does not judge, who is only there to listen to your story and thus help you further.

"You do not have to be sick to get better"

Grow as a person

You can also be perfectly fine with the way you are, but want to excel in something. When you want to move forward, want to achieve goals or yourself. Grow as a person. Then it’s also good to have someone who has your back and will give you a little nudge when needed, just to help you become the best version of you.

"The only one who can make you happy is you”

First things first, let’s meet and see/feel if there is a connection. Let's make an appointment! This does not happen in a fancy office building with a white doctor's coat and a leather couch to lie on, but in a pleasant, informal environment with a comfortable chair to sit on.
After this first meeting we will look together at how it feels and we will investigate what your goals are. This is our starting point. Once it feels good for both parties, we can make a follow-up appointment and work together on the flow of your energy.


Create greater awareness

During the sessions we work with different work forms. I believe in combining the best of the western world (including cognitive behavioral therapy, neuro-linguistic programming, EFT) with Eastern traditional techniques (including meditation, visualization, yoga) in order to achieve the best results. The sessions are strengthened by making assignments and exercises for home. In order to monitor progress and create more awareness, you also write reflection reports.
Coaching, unfortunately, will not be reimbursed by health insurers. It is an investment in yourself and in your future. You do not have to be ill to make an appointment. You do not need a referral. No diagnosis is made and no file is built up. You're the boss. The cost depends on your own income between € 65 and € 90 per session (90 minutes).

Free Meditation Training !!!