what is good for you

Feel what is good for you

Yoga is more than just moving to the rhythm of the breath. Yoga is an age-old experiential science, which does not require strict faith, but only trust in your own possibilities as a human being. It is a science of a balanced life, a path to fully develop into your potential. In turbulent times it ensures that you stay connected with your own (stable) core, so that you can feel for yourself what is best for you and can act accordingly.

Flexibele mindset

The best known of the yoga path are the asanas; the movements c.q. postures. In addition, everyone nowadays knows meditation, but yoga is more than this. The yoga philosophy has 8 limbs. You do not have to believe in these principles or to commit to them in order to reap the benefits. On the contrary, if you practice yoga on a regular basis, you will automatically get a different mindset. Based on your experiences with the world through a more flexible nervous system.

"Yoga brings you into the present moment, the only place where life exists”

Troubled breathing and a tense body

During the lessons you focus your attention on your body, away from your mind towards what you are feeling. Because you become more familiar with your body, you will be more aware of it and the signals it gives in daily life. When it is quiet between your ears you have a quiet deep breathing. When you are in a hurry or worrying, the breath is often shallow and short. Where do you feel the breath in your body?

Develop self-awareness

The expansion of self-awareness is the essence of yoga. Being conscious of your posture, but also aware of your attitude to life. How do you deal with limitations? Not only on the mat, but also in daily life. Do you feel completely frustrated when something fails or do you accept the situation and are you trying to move on and learn from it?

Do you bend, or do you break?

Burned-out or having difficulty sleeping?

Yoga is ideal for people who suffer from overwork or burnout, but also for people who lead a hectic life, people who are struggling with the is-this-all-dilemma, people with sleep problems and people with physical (tension) complaints such as neck or back pain.

Learn to know yourself

The time when you were thinking about old men in orange robes, hippies with vegetable juices or paranormal housewife clubs with goat wool socks is over! This ancient movement theory from India is for everyone.

Relax and listen to yourself.

Yoga has been practiced for centuries, but it remains woolly and vague to so many people, which is completely unjustified because yoga brings you down to earth and into your body, instead of using your body as a nice standard to hold your head.
You connect your attention and your thoughts to your breathing and the movements you make, leaving little room to think: wonderful! Yoga is therefore extremely suitable to be calmer, more relaxed and also more flexible. It teaches you to listen to yourself again, because we often drown out these signals with our thoughts, with our ideas about what and who we should be.

Private yoga lessons?

When you want to use yoga as a tool to get to know yourself better, but you feel burdened to do this in a group, please contact me to discuss the possibilities.

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