Yoga is the journey of the self,
through the self, to the self

About Joke

I love people, I am curious and enthusiastic. Personal growth, development and expanding awareness; I think that those are the best things. Going with the flow of your life, seeing things you experience in life as lessons, as opportunities to further develop yourself and become the best versions of you.

Back to who you are

My passion is to get you moving, back to who you are. To help you become aware, so that you can enjoy your life and live it with confidence, strength and pleasure. I do this physically through yoga, mentally through meditation and by walking along someone's path during coaching. Listening and being a sounding board to bounce ideas and thoughts off.
I myself have experienced what it is like to feel completely trapped in life. During the long search, there was more deepening in my life. Suddenly I understood that I did not live my life, but the life that I thought was right, what was expected of me. Then I learned to choose for myself and I could stand in my own strength.

"Stress is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are. "

I'm fine the way I am

I have had the opportunity to get acquainted with Eastern life and philosophy as well as the Western, and this has helped me a lot to give meaning to my life and to accept myself as I am. I'm fine the way I am. My helm has gone and I have not fallen back into my old lifestyle.

Work in progress

Of course I still run into problems, or I fall into one of my pitfalls. I remain human and a work in progress. I also continue to learn about myself and about everyday life. It has become very important for me to keep learning and developing, so I keep on studying, follow trainings and coaching programs.

"Far beyond the path of right and wrong, opinions and judgments is an open space; I like to meet you there."

Love life, live love

Mission statement: I live for love, love for myself and towards others, the world around me and life itself. Live to enjoy, learn and develop, where courage is very important. Because by being courageous you really dare to live.

Do you want to know more?

To learn more about my background, you can also take a look at my LinkedIn profile! On the page experiences, you can read feedback from people that have worked with me.

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